Playing Pretend, and Swearing Turtles

November 25, 2012

Yesterday was the first time I saw my son play pretend.

Well, I shouldn’t say that. He pretends to be on Wipeout and The Price is Right. Does that count? He makes up imaginary obstacle courses or games and jumps on things then runs around kissing us and shouting “$50,000 cash!”

Oh, we are such good parents. *sigh*

But yesterday morning he grabbed his breakfast and snack bowls (they tend to float around our living room for awhile) and walked by me and said “Oven!” Then he carried them over to the window, told me he was in the kitchen, and pointed and said “oven” again when he set them down on the sill. Then he held up his hand and said, “Five minutes!”

Adorable. A little while later he brought the dishes over to his table and sat down and pretended to eat. “Mmm, so good!” he says. haha, I love that kid. We’ve been talking about making him a play kitchen, but had decided to wait a few more months (instead of for Christmas) because he didn’t seem interested in anything like that. He’s super destructive and most of his toys just get thrown around. I’m excited for this next stage. He’s also been putting on his cowboy hat before getting on his Rody horse. It’s fun watching his imagination grow.

Yesterday we watched the show “Franklin and Friends,” a kid’s show about a turtle. Apparently now he likes it… he was pretty ho hum about it in the past, so we hadn’t tuned in to it in a long time. Last night he started saying “Franklin,” but let’s just say that when a two year old says that, it sounds like something else entirely. Something not at all appropriate to say.

I didn’t realize that was what he was saying, though. So I started to mildly freak out. I asked him to repeat it, just to make sure. So then he starts in with, “Fuckin’ tv! Fuckin’ tv!” and I’m all, “omg what are you saying and where did you hear that from?!” and ready to kill his father and never allow the Detroit Lions to ever grace our tv screen again.

But, then I realized he was just asking to watch Franklin on tv. Phew. And all is well in our household, or at least back to our usual “normal.”

Unfortunately (fortunately?), our normal is a bit twisted. Because we’ve been having fun with this. He isn’t quite sure why we think it’s so funny when he says “Franklin Daddy” but that’s probably what makes this sort of okay.


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