Forget whatever diet you’re on and make these ASAP. Oh em gee. Amazing. I’m pretty sure my husband has already given me the Wife of the Year award, and it’s only 10:30am. And it’s only April.


No, really, it has arrived. Yesterday was the most beautiful day we’ve had in, well, let’s just say a really long time. Winter is over, and I can say that now without sounding cocky.

Today it is still warm, though the sun is in hiding at the moment. When I say “warm,” it might differ very much from your standards of warmth, but it was in the mid-50s yesterday and that’s the forecast for today as well. Around these parts, that’s the signal to whip our your flip flops and shorts, and to drive around with your windows down. You think I’m joking?

Yesterday my husband and I took G out for our first stroller walk of the year. I had packed away his stroller for the winter; it wouldn’t work well going over snowy sidewalks, and I didn’t take him anywhere that necessitated the use of a stroller (I usually just plop him in the Ergo, and more recently he loves riding in the front of a shopping cart). Anyhow, it was sad to adjust the straps and see how much he has grown. How little he once was. Let’s compare.

First stroller ride (August 2010):

Yesterday, adjusting the straps (April 2011):

Anyhow, he was super excited to be strapped into that thing. He started flopping around like a fish and giggling for no apparent reason (though he was very quiet once we got outside).

Spring makes me want to clean and organize, which is good because winter has the exact opposite effect on me. I love opening up the windows, letting fresh air in (and stale air out), and cleaning, decluttering, and reorganizing.

Ah, here comes the sun…


Daily Dose of Martha

April 4, 2011

Martha Stewart. Love her or hate her, she has some brilliant ideas.

Need a daily dose of inspiration? Looking for recipe, organizational, crafty, or otherwise creative ideas? Sign up for one or some (or all) of her emails. The whole list is here.

I get a few different ones, and I look forward to checking them out each day. Some of her organizational or crafting ideas are just awesome, and I have several cookie recipes on my “yum make these soon” list.


March 14, 2011

I’ve been feeling creative again. Finally.

I want to write. I want to make things. I want to use my hands. I want to build. I want to create stories and things out of yarn and bake and reorganize and make old things new again.

And it feels so, so good.

My Own Cooking Show

December 14, 2010

When I was in junior high and high school, I imagined myself hosting a cooking show on tv.

Not in the way I dreamed about being a veterinarian or professional horseperson. But just for fun.

I would make recipes out of my mother’s tattered Betty Crocker Cookbook, and I would narrate as I cooked. I did this while I was home alone, of course; I’m sure my sister would have thought I was nuts.

These days, however, I really do have an audience when I cook. My (almost) five month old son. I get to narrate to the little guy, who is fascinated by everything I do in the kitchen.

I hope he thinks of me the way I thought of my mother (and still think of her). Everything she made was good. Her No Bake Cookies are the only ones I like. She makes the best pumpkin pie. I loved making Christmas cookies with her, eating the frosting and giggling as we decorated with sprinkles and made a mess. We also made memories. And yummy food.

Now, I am the mother. Will G love my cooking? Will he think I make the best banana bread in the world? Will he want to bake Christmas cookies with me? Will he one day, far into the future, argue with his spouse that no one makes better No Bake Cookies than I do?

I’m finding a new love for baking (though I stick to simpler, more basic, harder to screw up recipes). I set G up in the kitchen so he can watch, and I tell him everything I’m doing. “Now I have to mash the bananas up like this.” “The recipe calls for butter but we’re going to use yogurt instead, okay?” And he grins up at me like it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

So yes, now I have my own cooking show. Most of the time it gets good ratings with its audience, though he thought cooking pasta last night was boring. This week we made banana bread (usingĀ this recipe but substituting vanilla yogurt for the butter, and I used brown sugar) and we made a “fruit pile“:


A is for Apple

September 18, 2010

Ah, Fall.

It is my absolute favorite time of year. Especially when the weather is still nice. It is crisp and cool and sunny today. The leaves are turning their various shades of red and gold.

Big Guy, Little Guy, and I spent the morning bargain hunting and visiting with family before we headed to the farmer’s market. I love going to our farmer’s market. It is right downtown and there are tons of nice people everywhere and lots of yummy and/or beautiful things that are homegrown or handmade. Awesome.

Apparently our theme for today was apples, because that’s what we kept gravitating to. In addition to our favorite semolina bread, we snatched up some apple pie (!) jam, honey crisp apples, and delicious Michigan apple cider. Perfect for a nice Fall day.

What are your favorite things about Fall? Some of mine include pumpkin spice lattes, HALLOWEEN, scarves and cardigans and boots, the leaves, and that feeling in the air.