Felt Flower Shoe Clips

April 27, 2011

Why did I wait so darn long to get a hot glue gun?

I finally got one a couple of weeks ago, and have already made several things with it (and have a few more on my soon-to-make list).

I made these today and yesterday, and a pair of them takes me less than a half hour. Grant was even awake while I did one of the pairs. So easy and cute! I’m going to make a few more sets in other colors.

What you need:
* felt (or similar material)
* hot glue gun
* scissors
* small alligator clips
* whatever shoes you want to adorn

I followed the tutorial found here. Instead of attaching a pin, however, I attached a small alligator clip (I got my supplies at Michael’s, and these clips were in the jewelry making section right next to the pins and clasps). I just used cheap felt for mine; each sheet was only around 25 cents.

Voila! Plain shoes now have some color and sass. Use bright flowers with neutral shoes, or neutral flowers with bright shoes. Or bright with bright, whatever. Such a cheap, simple way to spice up an outfit!

You can also buy pins (as in the tutorial I linked to) and glue them on along with the alligator clips, so the flowers can be used multiple ways. I’m going to buy some next time I’m at Michael’s. These can be clipped or pinned to so many things… bags, headbands, hats, cardigans, coats, etc.

I recommend being careful using the alligator clips if you have expensive shoes or leather that you don’t want marked up. I know you can find other clips (I think they are hair clips?) that won’t leave a mark, but I’m not worried with my shoes.