October 17, 2012

It has been a long couple of days. My husband is out of town, and I am looking forward to his return late tomorrow. I’d love to say it’s just because I miss him, but it’s mostly because I miss his help, haha.

It is tough being on your own with a newborn and a toddler… I mean, I am on my own with them a lot, but haven’t had to do nighttime completely by myself. I always get at least a little help in the evenings, and usually it’s a lot of help. I am tired. Last night was tiring. It was a busy day today (but a good one!), but tonight was pretty difficult when it came to bedtime.

However, I am typing this in bed, and taking a few moments to myself before I get some sleep. And it is so peaceful. And I am listening to my babies sleep, one on each side of me. And those long peaceful breaths. And my beagle softly snoring.

I am so content.

I don’t know what this night will bring. How my unpredictable, inconsistent children will sleep. But I am right in-between them, and it is wonderful. As a mother, it is such a safe feeling having them both within arm’s reach.

My heart is full.


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