Cheap, easy DIY basketball hoop makeover.

October 9, 2012

Most random blog title ever?

Anyhow. It might sound weird but hear me out.

We have one of those toddler basketball hoops in our back yard. Grant enjoys it. Inside the house, we have an assortment of different balls for him to choose from, and he loves to play catch and throw them. I would like a specific PLACE for him to throw those balls, rather than at the windows. 😉 So I decided our play area needed a small basketball hoop.

As it turns out, basketball hoops tend to be either nice looking and expensive, or ugly and inexpensive. I wanted a hoop that was nice enough looking (we don’t have a separate playroom, just a section of our living room devoted to toys/play), but I wasn’t about to pay $30 for one.

I was at Target the other day looking at the options (again) when it hit me. Duh, get a little crafty and make the cheapy nets look nicer.

I bought this basketball hoop for less than $6. And it came with a ball. Score!

It is the PERFECT size for scrapbook paper. Which I already had, so I actually didn’t spend any money making this except for buying the hoop itself. Yay!

All I did was trace the backboard onto the scrapbook paper, cut it out, and apply with a paper adhesive (I use the 3M stuff found in the scrapbooking section at Target, but regular glue or spray adhesive or whatever should work just fine).

Next, I assembled according to the instructions. I also added a few embellishments that came with the book of scrapbook paper. Finally, I used those Command strips made for hanging picture frames (the velcro kind) so I could mount it on the wall instead of hanging it over a door.

I like the look of this so much better than the original, especially since it’s right in our living room. It would be really easy to update the look of the backboard, too… so when it inevitably gets wrecked by my super destructive little dude (or I just get sick of the plaid, or we finally get around to painting the living room) then it will be a very quick and inexpensive fix.

My son absolutely loves this thing. I’m so glad I did this, it was one of the best $6 I’ve spent because he has played with it every day (and I don’t have to whine about how expensive one of the nicer, plainer ones was).


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