June 11, 2012

I remember being a kid and going down to South Beach and spending hours and hours in the water with my cousins.

But I had forgotten the absolute JOY that can be found in such a simple thing. Water.

My son (my sweet, sweet son) has reminded me that water can be the very best thing in the entire world.

Lately, it is his favorite “toy.” A couple of weeks ago I set up a playdate in our backyard, and put out all of these fun activities. But you know what got the most giggles, the most attention? Our garden hose. When I stood there and held it over the boys’ heads and let the two little toddlers soak themselves and shriek and laugh and get freezing cold and wet in a puddle of water.

When we need a refresher in our day, I bring my son to our kitchen sink and let him play. He climbs right up now. I do my best to ignore the mess, the splashing of water on the windows, and admire how much pure joy he finds in splashing in the running water. It’s so simple, yet it invokes so many senses. Hot, cold, wet, splash, stomp. He learns. He sees how he affects things, how he can make the water do things, how he can control the nozzles and handles and water pressure and where the water goes. How the colored ice cubes almost hurt to hold onto, how they change the color of the water in the bin… water play is so EASY, but it provides so much.

I am so looking forward to a summer spent playing in the water, just like when I was a kid. It won’t hurt that I am going to be very pregnant, and splashing in a pool and running through the sprinkler will be a lovely break from the heat. But I am relearning the greatness that can be found in something so, so common.



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