November 15, 2011

I feel like I can’t keep up with my little boy (because that’s what he is now, a little boy, not a baby).

I still call him a baby, of course.

But seriously. I’m being left behind. Struggling to stay with him, to keep current on his newest skill or word. How on earth are you supposed to keep up with a toddler?

Grant has been growing and changing, changing and growing. He took his first steps the week before Halloween, and I can’t believe how brave he’s becoming. He does this adorable little Frankenstein/zombie walk that’s all slow with his arms straight out in front of him. It’s seriously cute.

He could read books all day long. I never turn him down when he holds one toward me, saying, “This! Pease!” He impresses me daily with his verbal skills. He has an amazing sense of humor for such a young person. He loves to dance.

I can’t keep up! I talk to my mom on the phone, and I tell her something cute or funny or awesome that he’s doing at the moment. And she says, “You need to record this!” (meaning on camera) and I respond with, “I can’t, I’d be filming him all day every day.”

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, of course. We’re having an especially difficult week… teething and changes in sleep patterns (and habits) and tantrums galore. Oh, the tantrums. I think I’m doing a good job of taking it in stride.

But you have to, right? Or they leave you behind, in their dust, while you sit there sputtering and wondering where your baby went. Nah, we do that anyway, no matter what.


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