Becoming a “Play” at Home Mom

October 14, 2011

This was a fun week.

I wouldn’t say it was the best week, since I have a teething, sleep-fighting little guy on my hands. But we made up for it with lots of creative play.

If you have not checked out the Play at Home Mom blog, please do. Go on, I’ll wait. You won’t be disappointed. They have so many inexpensive, creative activities for kids. A lot of stuff you’ll already have around the house.

I love how these activities appeal to the senses. I love how they have inspired me… to play more, to say “yes” more, to let go, to make messes, to make memories, to create things, to destroy things, to explore things.

Grant has been enamored with these activities. From painting with colored yogurt, to playing with colored ice blocks, to using a “squishy bag” on our homemade lightbox, to feeling the different sensations of water beads, popcorn seeds, dried macaroni… it has changed playtime at our house.

I’ll let the pictures explain the rest.


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