Oh, toddlerhood.

October 11, 2011

This has been another one of those weeks where I look at my son and can’t believe how big he is or how fast he is growing.

That happens once in awhile… in the course of a week he just grows up. You blink and there he goes. He does more. He is braver. He talks more.

I’m just trying to take it all in, go with the flow. Prepare for this next stage of toddlerhood.

I am blown away, at times, by how amazing it all is. By the cute things he does. By the feeling in my heart when he just suddenly needs to hug or kiss or squeeze or touch me.

He says “pease!” when he wants another bite of food (or wants what you’re eating) and I swear it is the cutest, sweetest little voice I have ever heard. He’s very verbal now, and is surprisingly good at mimicking what we say (better start watching our language a bit more!). It’s so fun to see how much he understands, too. “Where’s Kizzy?” “Get your ball.” “Read your books.” And he knows.

He started climbing up on things, which is both exciting and terrifying. And he’s quick, too. He climbed up on top of a trunk by the window within about two seconds. I was watching him, looked away for a nanosecond, and suddenly there he was. I positively LEAPED across the room so he wouldn’t fall backwards. He fell off once, even though I was standing right behind him (did I mention how quick he is?). Live and learn. A couple days before that he conquered our (very scary) staircase. Twice.

With all of this comes toddler emotions, of course. If you’re asking yourself, ‘What does she mean by toddler emotions?” then it’s pretty clear that you’ve never had a toddler, or spent much time with them. They have highs and lows. They throw tantrums over ridiculous things, like not being allowed to spill your coffee or bite your boob. They have trouble expressing themselves, and get frustrated, and don’t know how to react to things. I try to laugh it off, and redirect him, and let him know that his feelings do matter… but that it’s also not okay to throw Mommy’s laptop on the floor or bite her arm just because he’s upset or not getting his way. You can’t reason with them at this age, so it’s frustrating for me, too.

The other end of that high/low spectrum makes it all worth it, though. Because when he is SO HAPPY or SO EXCITED you just can’t help but be SO HAPPY or SO EXCITED right along with him. And it’s just so cool to watch him learn things, try things, experience new things.

Fall is the season of change, and it is abundant in our house right now. In many ways, some good and some bad. But mostly good, and mostly with a certain little toddler.


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