You make me happy, when skies are grey…

October 1, 2011

This afternoon, while snuggling on the couch together, Grant tried to hand me sunshine.

There was a wide streak of late afternoon light coming in through our living room window. It left a sparkling spot on our couch, with extra shimmer from the tree leaves rustling outside.

He kept trying to grab it with his hands, then finally he must have “succeeded” because he then reached toward me with his thumb and forefinger pinched together. I said, “Thank you!” and he reached back for more. To give me even more sunshine.

Today was one of those perfect fall days. Sunny, crisp cool air. We (my husband, our son, and I) went to the bakery downtown for muffins and fruit and coffee (mmm, pumpkin spice lattes…), then hit up the farmer’s market and loaded up on produce and eggs and good bread. I got some kale, and am hoping to try making kale chips out of it.

Tonight, while my husband watches baseball, I am curled up with hot apple cider and my knitting (working on that Waldorf-inspired doll). Thinking about cracking open a book, and that bottle of wine I got earlier today.

This time of year should last forever.


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