Nesting? No, silly, I just want a clean house.

August 24, 2011

Holy cow, I swear I am nesting. But I’m not even pregnant!

I have been obsessed lately with household projects. My house is a complete and utter mess right now, because I keep pulling stuff out in order to reorganize, and purge, and rearrange.

I don’t even want to go in my kitchen, because I want to do a quick little renovation SO BADLY and it annoys me that I have to wait a little while. That room feels suffocating, and I want to brighten up. Like, NOW.

But I still haven’t finished the dining room project I started back in May. Oops. Dream big.

Yesterday I spent the day reorganizing our bedroom closet and putting up a shelving unit in our bedroom (to hide our hideous wall… I’ll post before and afters soon). I’m going to finish the bedroom today. Our bedding is in the wash, and I am putting our comforter back on the bed (I prefer a quilt, especially in the summer, but the comforter just looks nicer).

I also started to tackle our upstairs hallway, which was barren and boring. I want an entire wall of photos… we’re off to a good start!

My house feels so messy lately, like I can’t get a grip on the messes. I need some time to organize, instead of moving messes from one room to the next. I have so much stuff to file, it feels like I’m back at my old job. Except, well, no one is making me feel like a worthless idiot while I do it. And I’m not heating up coffee mugs with hot water BEFORE putting the coffee in it, so that the coffee mug doesn’t make the coffee cold. Yes, I’m serious.

It’s an uphill battle, of course. My son HATES when things are tidy. He must pull everything off the table, all the books off of the shelves, every toy out of the bins. All the puzzle pieces from the puzzles. Etc etc etc.

Plus it’s just hard to do anything with him in the house. He is either on the go and into everything, or sleeping, but usually on the go. And when he sleeps? I usually end up taking some quiet time to myself. He has also developed the most incredibly annoying WHINE that I have ever heard in my life, which he lays on really thick when I try to contain him in any way in order to get stuff done. He can’t sit still! I sure miss the days when he would just sit and play with his toys on the rug.

Also, why on earth did we buy a two-story house? Stupid stupid stupid. It would be so nice to have everything on one level.

I just want my entire house completely clean and organized for five minutes, so that it would be easier to maintain.

Anne Taintor


One Response to “Nesting? No, silly, I just want a clean house.”

  1. Amy said

    I share the same feeling as far as household projects are concerned and I may be a little overprotective when it comes to the environment in which my children play. That’s why I was shocked when I found out that certain spots in my house which I sometimes neglect when cleaning may have several times more bacteria than a trash can or a toilet seat.

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