Oh Happy Day

August 12, 2011

I love days like today.
Where just the sight of me
is enough to make my son smile.
That eye crinkle.
That scrunched up nose.

Just playing at home…
nothing special, except that
that IS special.
And he’ll be playing,
and then look over at me,
and come crawling over as fast
as he possibly can
just to climb on me for a minute
before running off again.

Or when he hurts himself
(because, let’s face it, these days
there are LOTS of bumps and bruises)
and he looks at me with THAT FACE,
and, again, comes crawling to me
for a hug and kiss,
then off he goes again.

My sweet boy.
THESE are the days I’ll remember.
Those moments…
they make the missed naps,
and the temper tantrums,
and going for the power cords AGAIN,
and the messy (messy!) house,
and the moments where you just feel
like a terrible mother…
they make them disappear.

Some days feel so long. But boy oh boy do I love it. I love the home we’re building. I love the memories we’re creating. I love how much we can all just LOVE each other. I love the giggles, and the shrieks, and the sound of his hands smacking the floor as he crawls around. I love when he gives our dog some lovin,’ even though he’s too rough with her. I am so thankful for her patience… and try to be just as patient, even when I have to reach deep inside myself to find it.


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