Some humor to get us by…

June 14, 2011

Have you seen this? Bah hahahaha. I’m sure I’m not the only one who can relate! Although, instead of the older sibling triggering the spidey senses, it’s my brain thinking there are burglars. And dogs instead of cats. We have the same exact husband, though.

I have had a very tiring few days with my son. It really began last Thursday, but then my husband was around more on the weekend so it was easier for a couple of days. But yesterday? Wowza. I miss my sweet little boy! Where did he go? He still has his super sweet, super cute moments, of course. But the tantrums? The fighting of the afternoon naps? The screaming? The alligator death roll during diaper changes? And then we add in some teething, and I think he’s still kind of going through some sort of spurt/developmental change… and I am one tired, frustrated mama!

I hit a point yesterday where I just had to put him in his Pack ‘n Play for awhile, while he screamed and cried. But my nerves were shot. And then, of course, my guilt set in and I felt like a terrible mother for being short with him and not being right there for him when he needed me, even though he knew I was right there. And then, once he finally fell asleep? I had to do the worst thing ever and WAKE HIM UP after a little while, because we had a play date and I couldn’t get a hold of the other person to see if we could postpone. After some more tantrums last night, he CRASHED at 7pm… only to fuss around midnight and then spit up all over himself. Poor kid. He slept very soundly after that, tucked in my arms. I think he needed the extra cuddles.

We had a nice start to our morning (no, really) but then we had another tantrum before his nap. He is sleeping right now, and it is bliss.

I have so much to do (we have a house guest coming tomorrow) and it’s really hard when he’s acting like this to get anything done. He demands 100% of my attention, even though some of that time he spends trying to arch himself out of my arms or lap. He can sure put up a good fight.

I hope this is a phase, and one that passes quickly.


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