Feisty Little Bugger

June 8, 2011

My goodness, where has my sweet little boy gone?

To be fair, he still gives me lots of hugs and wants to be close to me. But a growth spurt combined with the cutting of tooth #8? FUN STUFF.

I’ve already had quite a week on the parenting front. Monday started the week out with my son barfing on me first thing in the morning. Literally, first thing… as in, I started to pick him up to put him in between me and my husband (we always start the day like that, and cuddle for a few minutes as a family) and boom, spit up all over me. Luckily he didn’t have a bug or anything. Anyhow, then I let the dogs out and dog #2 (our hyper, perpetually flawed dog) decided it would be fun to roll around in something gross in the yard. So she needed a bath. This is all before 7am, mind you.

Yesterday was exhausting. Grant was clingy and whiny. He would seem hungry but wouldn’t eat. He wanted to be in my lap, that is, until he was in my lap and then he wanted off. He has perfected this wonderfully high-pitched screeching noise that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck (not to be confused with the cute high-pitched squeal, which I don’t mind). But at least when he was screeching it meant he was in a good mood, and not whining. (Did I mention that he learned this high-pitched screeching when we went out to eat on Sunday night?) So, after a mentally taxing day, he crashed last night at 6:40pm. However, it was restless sleep, and then he woke up at 9:30 and stayed up for an hour and a half… only to fall asleep and then toss and turn all night long, before waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6:30am. Darn teeth!

He has become such a sass. He is into everything, and I’m learning that he has a very strong personality. He has been such an easy baby (really, sleep struggles were our only real frustration! he’s been an absolute dream!) so I really think I’m in for it as we enter toddlerhood. Which is sad to even consider… where did my little baby go?

Last night, as I tried to cuddle with him on the couch after he woke up, I thought about how big he was. I used to spend so many hours with him asleep on my chest. I loved the weight of him as he slept. He was happiest there; upright, head turned to the side, snuggled against my chest and belly. Now? He won’t sit still long enough for those cuddles, unless he’s very very tired. He just wants to go go go. I take those snuggles when I can get them, as they feel as though they are fleeting and temporary. I’ve been letting him take occasional naps in my arms, just because I miss that. I still like to wear him in the Ergo on the front (instead of on the back) whenever possible, simply because I like the extra snuggle time… despite how big he is.

And that’s another thing. When did he get to be so long? Last night, as I held him upright the way I always used to, his legs trailed down my own legs. He was 29 inches long at his 9 month appointment, so I can only imagine what he is now (especially with this growth spurt). He’ll be 3 feet tall before I know it!

All complaining aside… he’s also so much fun. He loves to say “mama” (more than any of his other words) and sometimes he’ll be playing next to me, and then he’ll reach over to hug my leg while saying, “Mama mama mama.” He tries to mimick almost everything we say or do. He can wave hi and bye,  and high-five (and even fist-bump, haha). He likes to go to the park and ride in the front of the shopping cart. I’m really looking forward to getting our kiddy pool set up so we can play in that once it stays consistently warm.

During my attempt at his monthly photo. Sassy!


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