Flats Challenge, Day 7

May 29, 2011

Today is the last full day of the challenge. Tomorrow I will still need to handwash the flats we used today (and tonight), but the finish line is in sight.

Today I had to wash a very large load. It took awhile, but I ran into a little problem: I only have one drying rack, and no clothes line. The load I washed today needed to be dried in 3 groupings because I just didn’t have the space. The 2nd group is currently on the rack, and the third group will have to wait until morning… and will most likely need to be rewashed as a result of sitting in a damp pile for 24 hours.

If I had to do it this way all the time, I would definitely want a clothes line in the backyard. Not only could I fit more on one, but I think things would dry faster, too. I’d also want a second drying rack, since I would need to dry indoors most of the year.

Now, I have a confession to make. I used a 6th cover. I wasn’t having any problems with the 5 covers before, but my son had a very gassy/poopy day and a half, and actually went through 3 covers rather quickly. A cover was already rinsed and in a wet bag, too, meaning 4 covers went out of commission much faster than I expected. We were headed out of town yesterday to visit the in-laws, and I didn’t want him to wear the last remaining cover (his wool longies). If I absolutely had to, yes, we could have survived. But I already had a nice outfit picked out and wanted him to look nice for when he saw his (paternal) grandparents for the first time since he was itty bitty. So in came the Econobum cover.

Other than that hiccup, I’ve been very honest and have stuck to all of the rules. I’ve even made flats work for overnights every night, too (including last Sunday night, before the challenge even officially started).

My husband is giving our son a bath right now, and then I’ll be putting him into his last diaper of the flats challenge. I can’t believe it’s already been a week! I’ve enjoyed this experience, overall, but I’m definitely not going to miss handwashing. I still have plans to put up that clothes line outside, though… and hanging up a lot of diapers this summer. 🙂

Thanks again to Diaper Junction for giving me a dozen of their flats to use during this challenge. I have loved them! I might do a comparison post soon, to compare them to my Target flats.


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