The Challenge Continues

May 25, 2011

Where has this week gone? I can’t believe it’s almost Thursday already!

I am currently enjoying some much-needed downtime. My husband is playing softball, my son is sleeping (and so are the dogs!) so I am enjoying a cocktail and watching some girly stuff on tv (since I don’t have to share with my husband). And, of course, I’m tinkering around online.

The Flats and Handwashing Challenge is going really well. It’s been a nice change up to our usual routine, and has made me appreciate things (like my washer and dryer) a lot more. It’s an interesting experience, but in a fun way.

I was a guest blogger on the Rockin’ Green blog yesterday! So that was exciting. Check out how I approached handwashing my diapers for the first time (and what I learned along the way).

I washed again today, making a few tweaks (like actually doing a good job wringing out the flats) and it was much easier and didn’t take as long. Pre-rinsing everything really helped. Things dried much faster, too.

I ran into one snag, though… my hemp and bamboo doublers take a loooong time to air dry. I almost had to throw some in the dryer. I only use them for overnights, but I didn’t realize how long those would take to dry.

The flats were definitely “crunchier” after being air dried, too, but not nearly as bad as I expected. I found the Diaper Junction flats were a bit softer than the Target flats after being air dried… but I’m not going to lie, I had to fight the urge to throw everything in the dryer to fluff them up a bit!

I’m really enjoying the flats part of the challenge, though. I’ve used them in the past, but not for every diaper change like this. My pinning skills are getting quite good, and when he’s being sassy I love the easy of a pad-folded flat tucked into a cover. I’m not having any troubles with the 5 cover limit. I’ve been letting him go coverless as much as possible at home, though, so that helps.

If you’re participating, how is it going for you so far?

Oh, and I got to try out my new Green Line diaper cover and am really liking it so far! I think I’ll be getting another in the future. Not the best picture, but isn’t it adorable?


2 Responses to “The Challenge Continues”

  1. Here’s a tip for crunchy flats: beat them against a screen door. I don’t have a screen door in my apartment, but I have an old and pilly couch. Beating my flats against it makes them pretty soft! yay!

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