Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Day One

May 23, 2011

Day One: Easy Peasy.

I made one change, though… my Green Line diaper cover came in the mail today, and it’s super cute and there’s no way I can wait a whole week to try it out. So I’ll be substituting that for one of my sbish wool covers (the longies are staying, since the weather is on the cooler side this week). My five covers for the challenge are now the Flip, the GEN-Y Universal, a pair of sbish longies, a Blueberry Coverall, and my new Green Line cover.

Anyhow, so far so good. I will update again tomorrow after I handwash them. I’ll also take a few photos (including one of my adorable new cover). Other than a couple of sloppy folding jobs (with a wiggly baby), everything went very well today. I absolutely LOVE the trimness of the flats. He was sitting there playing today with a pinned flat inside of a Flip cover, with a onesie over the top, and it almost looked like he was wearing a disposable. We also went out on an outing this afternoon (lunch with my friends, then to Target) and had no issues. I actually prefer the natural fibers when we go out and about, because I never have leaks with them. There was a span of time when my son was a few months old where I only used prefolds when we left the house.

I am loving my Diaper Junction flats. They are a great size and a bit thicker than my Target flats. I’m getting a nice fold with them, with a good cross-over in the front so I can secure it with one pin. I am leaning toward using them when I want to pin and saving the Target flats for padfolding into covers.

Are you taking the Flats and Handwashing Challenge? How did your first day go?



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