Preparing for the Flats & Handwashing Challenge

May 17, 2011

I can’t believe how quickly the Flats & Handwashing Challenge is coming up! Less than a week to go now. Are you participating? It’s pretty straightforward: all flat diapers, all handwashed, all air dried, a five cover limit, and liners are okay but diaper sprayers aren’t. Got it?

I am starting to prepare, or think about how I want to prepare.

The day before the challenge, I will do my usual diaper laundry but, instead of stuffing my FuzziBunz with flats like I normally do (I’ve done away with most of our microfiber inserts) I will be putting the empty pockets in the diaper storage and folding up all my flats for use on Monday.

I almost forgot about the 5 cover limit… so now I’ve decided on:

1) GEN-Y Universal in “Dinomite”
2) sustainablebabyish wool cover in “squash”
3) sustainablebabyish wool longies in “air”
4) Flip in “ribbit”
5) Blueberry Coverall (my only cover with velcro) in “blue on chocolate”

I figure this will give me a good range of what I want to use. I’ll use the GEN-Y when I want to padfold, the Flip will do well for padfolding or using pins and snappis, and the wool is nice in general. I love the Blueberry for overnights.

This weekend my bathroom will be getting a good scrubbing. I plan on washing the diapers in the tub, so I want it very clean (and it will certainly stay clean since I’ll want to disinfect it after washing diapers). Hmm, I like this part of it!

Finally, I will be washing my wool and relanolizing it. I should do this soon, since it takes a couple of days to air dry.

I still haven’t told my husband about this challenge. He’s a pretty good sport, and I change most of the diapers, so I don’t think he’ll balk too much.

I’m feeling pretty good about it all. I’m not too worried about the flats part of the challenge; there was a period of time when I had taken a break from “modern” cloth diapers and was using mostly prefolds, and I have had great success with our flats when I’ve used them (and padfolding in a cover is super easy, and will be vital for when my son initiates the alligator death-roll during diaper changes and inevitably screams bloody murder while I try to pin). The part that worries me is the handwashing… will I get them clean enough? How long will they take to air dry? Will they be “crunchy” after air drying? What if the weather doesn’t hold up and I have to dry them inside (which is a good possibility)?

I plan on washing every other day. I don’t want to go too long and have tons of diapers to wash (which have been sitting for days) but I also don’t want to undertake the washing process every day. We’ll see how it goes, though, I might be surprised and find it isn’t as much of a burden as I expect. Since I haven’t just used flats before, though, I don’t know how long my stash will last me. I plan on changing frequently, so they might add up quickly.

Thanks again to Diaper Junction for sending me a dozen of their birdseye flats to use. I’m excited to compare them to the Target flats that I’m used to using. I can already tell that they are better quality.

If you’re joining the challenge, what have you done (or what do you plan on doing) to prepare?


2 Responses to “Preparing for the Flats & Handwashing Challenge”

  1. T Rex Mom said

    We purchased some from Diaper Junction. We were most impressed with their store. And those diapers are nice. Nicest flats I yet to see.

    We will use a couple dozen of those, a few flannel receiving blankets, and some flour sack towels.

    We also plan to wash every other day utilizing the sink in our laundry room. How glad I am my daughter is doing so well with elimination communication and we rarely have to deal with #2 diapers.

    • I had ordered from Diaper Junction in the past and they are wonderful! I’ve always been impressed by them and their service. Glad to hear you like their flats!

      I’m jealous of your laundry room sink! How old is your daughter?

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