Dining Room Reno

May 5, 2011

Oh man, this beautiful, sunny spring weather just makes me want to DO STUFF.

Like clean the house from top to bottom. Except, when I plan on doing that, I am quickly reminded that it’s very difficult to do with a nine month old.

I’ve been itching to do something to our dining room. It’s been the same way since we moved in (September 2009) and the custom window treatments, while neutral enough to stick around through our quick leaps from home-ownership to wedding to pregnancy to baby, look like something that stepped off the set of The Golden Girls.

Our dining room was also very dark, which made the rest of the first floor feel pretty dark, too. The window treatments had become non-operational, so even though there are three widows in there, we had zero natural light.

I wanted to do a little face lift, nothing expensive but something to spruce the place up and make it feel more like our own. I went shopping last night, and only spent about $150 on supplies and window treatments.

Day 1 of my dining room mini-renovation has begun! Those icky old window treatments are officially in the trash! My son is ready for his nap so there’s a pause in the action, but Kizzy (our younger beagle) is enjoying the fact that there are now several sun spots on the dining room floor to snooze on.

Update: I’ve been productive while the kiddo took his morning nap. The woodwork around the windows and the window sills have been cleaned and polished. Everything is off the walls now, too. It looks so bright and airy without anything on the windows! If I wasn’t such a paranoid freak I’d leave them without anything on them, haha. But at least now we’ll be able to open up the new blinds… once they’re installed, that is. Also, it feels great to have some windows open and fresh air coming in. Oh, and Kizzy is still laying on the floor in her sun spot. šŸ™‚

Update #2: All the window treatments are up! And I started stenciling a wall, but only did a little bit because I wanted to make sure it was worth the effort before I did too much. It currently looks like a bomb went off in here, but it’s time to relax for the night.


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