May 3, 2011

Oh boy, has my son been learning up a storm these past couple of weeks.

In addition to learning how to fake choke (a skill he picked up months ago), he can now fake cough, fake cry, and throw fake temper tantrums.

He has also learned how to throw real temper tantrums.

He has learned how to empty out his toy bins. He has learned how to do an alligator death roll while I try to change his diaper or (heaven forbid) put some pants on him.

He has learned how to wake himself up after just a half an hour during his morning nap.

He has learned where the power cords are.

He has learned how to grind his cute little front teeth together, which he knows makes mommy’s skin crawl. He has learned how to do it on purpose just to get a reaction out of me.

He has learned that, when I am very tired or stressed, all it takes is a silly smile, or for him to pause for a moment while we play on the floor to “pet” me, to make everything okay again. To remind me of the other things he has learned… to giggle, to smile, to play, to amuse. To hug, to head-butt, to reach his arms to me when he wants me to hold him. To make me smile, to make me laugh, to make my heart swell. In turn, I am learning to relax more, to have more patience, to appreciate the little things. The moments I’ll never, ever get back.

We are both learning.


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