Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, and Spring

April 9, 2011

Forget whatever diet you’re on and make these ASAP. Oh em gee. Amazing. I’m pretty sure my husband has already given me the Wife of the Year award, and it’s only 10:30am. And it’s only April.


No, really, it has arrived. Yesterday was the most beautiful day we’ve had in, well, let’s just say a really long time. Winter is over, and I can say that now without sounding cocky.

Today it is still warm, though the sun is in hiding at the moment. When I say “warm,” it might differ very much from your standards of warmth, but it was in the mid-50s yesterday and that’s the forecast for today as well. Around these parts, that’s the signal to whip our your flip flops and shorts, and to drive around with your windows down. You think I’m joking?

Yesterday my husband and I took G out for our first stroller walk of the year. I had packed away his stroller for the winter; it wouldn’t work well going over snowy sidewalks, and I didn’t take him anywhere that necessitated the use of a stroller (I usually just plop him in the Ergo, and more recently he loves riding in the front of a shopping cart). Anyhow, it was sad to adjust the straps and see how much he has grown. How little he once was. Let’s compare.

First stroller ride (August 2010):

Yesterday, adjusting the straps (April 2011):

Anyhow, he was super excited to be strapped into that thing. He started flopping around like a fish and giggling for no apparent reason (though he was very quiet once we got outside).

Spring makes me want to clean and organize, which is good because winter has the exact opposite effect on me. I love opening up the windows, letting fresh air in (and stale air out), and cleaning, decluttering, and reorganizing.

Ah, here comes the sun…


3 Responses to “Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, and Spring”

  1. We just spent over 4 hours cleaning today. Windows opening, dusting, cleaning windows, cleaning out closets, cleaning out corners of rooms, mopping floors.. it was good! Now going to enjoy some Masters and a nap and I will take a walk at some point today. The sun and the possibility of warm makes me happy. But the damn earwigs and ladybugs that are sneaking into my house? Not so much.

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