Oh, naptime

March 30, 2011

me: 0
husband: 0
nap: 0
G: 1

Not that I’m keeping score.

It’s almost 2pm and my son still hasn’t napped. Oh, unless you count about 15 minutes of napping this morning, broken up into two or three increments.


Sleep has always been an issue for my son, but these last few weeks it has been out of control. And not every nap or even every day. But you just never know. And it makes planning ANYTHING really frickin’ difficult.

Teething certainly doesn’t help anything. For some reason these top teeth are about 40 times worse than the bottom teeth and the process has been very drawn out. One cut through last week, but the other is taking its sweet time.

Alright, let’s give this another go.

Oh, it is ON.


2 Responses to “Oh, naptime”

  1. that adorable sweet little thing can’t possible be giving you trouble.. šŸ˜‰ hehehehe.. sorry but that is an adorable photo!

    • haha, he’s lucky he’s so darn cute! Last night he was being sassy going to bed, and I couldn’t look at him because he was making me laugh so hard. Sometimes I am terrible at being the adult in situations… it was especially hard when I was working with elementary school kids (as I’m sure you know) because sometimes they would do something hilarious but inappropriate and I’d have a hard time keeping them in line without laughing.

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