Work Space

March 25, 2011

Today my husband and I went antiquing and came home with a pair drafting tables that I’ve been drooling over for a couple of weeks.

I’ve been yearning to have my own space. Unless you count the laundry room (ha!) I don’t really have a single place in the house that feels like my own. I need a place where I can write (it’s hard to get into work mode, or creative mode, when I’m typing from the couch while watching Desperate Housewives).

However, working in our office just doesn’t do it for me… especially since I’m with a certain adorable 8 month old just about 24/7. I can’t just go upstairs for hours and lock myself in a room and write/work. I need an accessible space. One that is close to where I spend most of my time. And one that I don’t share with another person (i.e., my husband, who uses our home office when he’s working from home).

We have a cute, tiny nook in our living room. Just a small space, sort of tucked-away but not really. It’s out in the open and in view of the living room, but it’s still its own space. And now it’s my space.

Photos soon to come! I’m going to spend this weekend getting it organized and set up how I want it. I am absurdly excited about it, but it feels so good.


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