Clean House, why you gotta be like that?

January 10, 2011

I’m watching an episode of Clean House right now. I find it motivating when I’m not in the mood to clean, but today it really annoyed me. The crew is going through one family’s home and they go into the toddler’s room and find out that, well, he doesn’t sleep in there. When asked why, the mother whispers to the host, “I’m still breastfeeding.” *insert overreaction here*

They’re all “stunned” (actual word used) because the couple is still co-sleeping with their two year old and because the mother is still breastfeeding him. The host immediately jumped to the “omg what about sex” (well, not in those exact words, but you know how that argument goes any time co-sleeping comes up). Now, to be fair, they ask the husband about it and he does say he wants the son to start sleeping in his own room (though, is he just put on the spot and made to feel like they’re doing something weird because of how these people are treating them?).

I wish they’d stick to dealing with clutter and leave alternative parenting styles out of it. You might not agree with co-sleeping or extended breastfeeding but there is no need to act like there is something seriously wrong with this family and start shrieking when you find out the woman is still nursing her two year old. Give me a break! Way to knock extended breastfeeding on television… like it doesn’t get enough of the taboo talk as it is. Sad. If the husband thinks it’s time to move the son out of the room then fine, but that’s an issue they should discuss without being made into weirdos on tv. The show isn’t even halfway over, so I’m curious how the topic will be handled as it goes on (it’s only been dealt with in one scene so far).

I don’t know how long I’ll breastfeed or co-sleep (G is still shy of six months old) but I’ll be damned if our family decisions would be based on the shame and (over)reaction of house clutter experts.


2 Responses to “Clean House, why you gotta be like that?”

  1. word. i really want to co-sleep but i really dont think it is going to work for us. i am staying open to the idea but with how we keep each other awake during the night i am pretty sure adding a baby to the mix isnt going to help our sleeping. but i did get a fabulous glider for christmas that i am excited about spending many hours in coming soon haha.

    • To be honest, I didn’t plan on co-sleeping, either. We had the Pack ‘n Play in our room to begin with (it had the bassinet on top) and I figured he’d be in there for a month or two and then we’d move him into his own room. He’s now about six months old and we won’t be moving him any time soon. He outgrew the bassinet pretty quickly and that’s when we side-carred his crib next to our bed (meaning we took the front off of the crib and secured it to the side of our bed, then pushed the mattresses together). This has been great, especially since he still nurses at LEAST once at night (sometimes more, like when he’s teething or going through a growth spurt).

      You just gotta do what’s best for you and your family. Some babies sleep great or better in another room, others don’t. Some moms get more sleep with their baby nearby while others don’t sleep well at all. Do what works for you (and, while I believe husbands/fathers should help make the decisions, I would have argued this one with J if he’d balked because I’m the one nursing at night and doing 99% of the childcare).

      Stay open to either possibility and adapt as needed; do what you think will be the best and safest for your baby (and don’t let the mama-guilt slip in if you don’t co-sleep).

      I remember when G was close to outgrowing his bassinet and I got this panicky feeling because my instincts were telling me that he needed to stay close. But we BOTH get more sleep this way, which is why it works for us. With our next baby I will probably side-car the crib right away.

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