Link: Time Management, and “I Cannot Do It All”

December 16, 2010

Check out this blog entry for a great post about managing your time, delegating, and trying to do it all. (Thanks to styleberry BLOG for the tip on facebook!)

This definitely speaks to me. I’m a new mom who is trying to “do it all,” and that usually doesn’t work. Not only that, but overly high expectations mean that I frequently feel disappointed. Having goals that are too large make them feel like a big obstacle to overcome (saying I’m going to get all of our laundry done today, rather than saying “I will do two loads of laundry today” — or saying I’m going to get the entire first floor spotless and organized and write five articles, rather than saying, “This morning I will load and run the dishwasher, vacuum the floors, spend 15 minutes organizing, and research one article”). When you expect too much, it can be hard to even START those tasks. Smaller goals are more manageable (and hey, if you do more, all the better). I’m more motivated when I don’t feel defeat lingering over my head.

I’m a perfectionist, and like things done my way. I’m also stubborn. Those two traits make it difficult for me to ask for help, or delegate tasks. I’m trying to work on that, though.

Anyhow, the blog post I linked to has some very good tips on all of this. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, especially with the holidays around the corner, so I’m taking it to heart.

G just took a nice long nap (something we’ve been struggling with) so I’m feeling like I got something big accomplished today. While he napped, I put away a load of his clothes, washed another load, put that load in the dryer, and now his diapers are going in the washer. J is working from home, so he made lunch and we were able to eat together. How’s that for delegating and multitasking? 😉

Now it’s time to change the little guy, and then I’m going to let him play in his activity center thingy while I organize two of our bookshelves. This living room “renovation” is still going on and it’s driving me nuts. I want our living and dining rooms back! Baby steps.

We have to make a Target run this evening, so I’m going to take the “me time” advice and grab a bottle of wine for myself, too.


4 Responses to “Link: Time Management, and “I Cannot Do It All””

  1. hmmm wine…. i find smaller tasks are much easier to obtain.. and plus if you break it down to sooo many small steps if you cross them off it looks like you did a crap ton of stuff!!! 😉

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