Purses, Diaper Bags, and a Review: The Pishposh Mommy Carryall

December 15, 2010

I am a handbag gal. In 2005 B.C. (before child) I started getting into purses a lot more. I had always liked having an assortment of bags but I was starting to want nice bags. It was the one thing I was materialistic about; I would wear jeans from Target and tops from the Old Navy clearance rack, but pair them with a Marc Jacobs bag and I was happy as a clam. (Are clams happy?)

Since having G, my priorities have shifted a bit. So have my finances. Unfortunately, I’ve had to sell off a lot of my handbag collection, only keeping one favorite and a few of my more practical bags. In fact, I carry my cheapo Envirosax Slingsax quite frequently (it’s lightweight and so convenient, but that’s a review for another day).

Anyhow, I have a very nice Coach diaper bag that doesn’t get a whole lot of love. I’m just not finding it to be all that practical. It’s bulky and heavy if I’m just running errands or going to lunch or something. Unless we’re going to go somewhere for the whole day, I prefer to leave it home.

I also have a bit of “bag ADD” in that I like to change up what I carry a LOT. What feels good one day doesn’t the next; I’ve never been one to stick to one purse for any length of time. But it’s a royal pain in the butt to change things up so frequently when you have to worry about leaving necessary baby items at home. It’s no longer just MY stuff I have to swap in and out.

Enter the Pishposh Mommy Carryall. I’ve had it for about a month now and it’s one of my favorite baby-related products. I wish I’d gotten it much, much sooner. There’s a zipper version (what I have) as well as a drawstring version. I went with the “Pacifica” print but I also really like “Townsend” (unfortunately it was on backorder when I ordered).

At first glance they may seem a little pricey, yes. But I keep in mind that I have wanted to order about 10 different diaper bags, hoping to find a system that works. I figure this will save me quite a bit of money in the long run, since I’m not the best at fighting a “good deal” when I see one and make some spontaneous, spur of the moment purchases sometimes.

If the price seems too high for you, keep in mind that coupon codes do become available (I used one for mine; “like” the company page on facebook to keep updated on them). HOLIDAY20 is the current code and will score you 20% off (what a great Christmas gift this would make!).

Okay, so here’s the concept: it’s a pocketed pouch that holds your diaper bag essentials. You can take this pouch and put it in one bag, and then in another, and then another… so if you want to use a big bag one day and throw in a lot more than what you usually carry, you can. But you’ll still have what you need if you want to throw it in a tote bag and go to lunch. That’s right, no real diaper bag required. You can use your purse, a canvas tote bag, a backpack, whatever.

We use cloth diapers (bulkier than disposables), and I’m impressed that I can definitely use this and carry a few diapers without it overflowing. Last weekend I fit two pocket diapers and three prefolds in it! It won’t fit into a small purse by any means (at least mine won’t if it’s filled), but it conveniently goes in almost all of my bags. Check out the dimensions (about 10inW x 9inH x 5inD before stuffing) to make sure it will work for what you carry. It’s not very structured so it has some “give.” It has lots of pockets to keep you organized, but still has a nice bit of open space in the middle for bigger items (like cloth diapers).

(It was difficult to show the interior, and the pockets are hard to see, but they are wonderful!)

I love love love (LOVE) this thing. I keep mine filled with wipes, wipe solution, at least one diaper, some CJ’s BUTTer (another review for another day, love that stuff!), hand sanitizer, Kleenex, lip balm, a toy, burp cloth, small wet bag, and a couple other little things. I can add things to it if I need to (or toss some other things directly into the bag I’m carrying), but I always know I’m covered if I need to run out the door.

One thing about it that I really like… it’s nice to grab just the pouch if you’re somewhere and need to do a diaper change. For example, I was at my aunt and uncle’s house this past Sunday, and when I changed him I didn’t need to haul my whole bag with me. Just grabbed the carryall and had everything I needed.

I definitely recommend this product. Order it from Pishposh Mommy; retails for $44.99.


5 Responses to “Purses, Diaper Bags, and a Review: The Pishposh Mommy Carryall”

  1. Sarah said

    Love these! I have one myself and now I never leave the house without it. Was able to ditch my crappy diaper bag and go back to my stylish Marc Jacobs bag. Plus, I like that all the baby’s stuff is contained in one place while my stuff is separate in my MJ bag. If you still want to stay organized but are using a smaller bag, I recommend the PishPosh diaper clutch. Very cute, small, holds just the essentials – diapers, a couple wipes.

  2. That is really cute. I want it. I looove bags. I am trying to determine what kind of diaper bag I want because I really don’t want a typical diaper bag because it will make me gag and I want something for me too. 😉

    • haha yeah, I told J, “I’m not carrying some nylon Winnie the Pooh diaper bag.”

      I wanted to love the Coach bag (and did at first) but now it just feels like too much. It’s fine if we go somewhere for the whole day and both of us are there (so one of us can take G and the other can take the bag) but I’d prefer something simpler most of the time. Most of the time, I don’t need that much stuff right now.

      I like to keep our vehicle stocked with essentials. I keep a little backpack in the car that has an extra cloth diaper, an extra t-shirt for myself (you never know), an extra outfit for him, a mei tai, and a sling. And then I have an Eddie Bauer car organizer that hangs on the back of the driver’s seat, and I keep a changing pad, some wipes, two nursing pads, hand sanitizer, etc. And I’m getting a bin for toys, so we’ll have those on hand. I feel better leaving the house without a million things in my bag knowing that, in case of an “emergency,” I have enough to get by.

      • that is a really smart idea. i am kind of looking at the all black eddie bauer diaper bag mainly because it is simple and we both could carry it without feeling weird.

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