First Snow

December 5, 2010

It started snowing last night–real snow this time, the stuff that sticks around and leaves more than a fine dusting over the stiff grass.

I woke up this morning and everything was very very white. There’s a calm and peace that comes with the first real snow of the season (well, until you have to shovel it). It is quiet. Everything is clean and pristine; in a few months there will be high snowbanks and everything will be gray and brown from all the road sand and salt, and the clumsy paths humans make through the snow will create a maze in our city.

But this morning? Well, as much as I hate the stuff, it’s almost pretty out there.

Almost. Then reality hits and I think about whether we’ll want to pack G up today to drive him across town to visit family like we planned to, and how long it will take J to snow blow the driveway before we go, and how people forget how to drive in the snow every year (the first snow is terrible to drive in, especially with young out-of-towners going to college here).

I started the morning off with a laugh as I let the dogs out. Here’s the play by play: both dogs hurry out the door as usual (gotta speed pee so you can eat) and practically tumble down the back staircase. They squat and awkwardly pee, trying to keep their girly bits out of the snow. They have a brief moment of excitement (omg snow!!1! *pounce*), remember that it’s breakfast time, and then struggle to bolt back up the snowy steps.

Ginger, our oldest dog, is twelve years old. All white in the face now. As the seasons have changed this year and I watch her age (and have her first real health problem), it makes me wonder how many more winters she’ll endure. Was this her last year to bask in the hot sun, lay in the fallen leaves, pounce through the snow? She’s doing very well, but I know how suddenly an old dog can go downhill (especially since we almost lost her about four months ago).


I’m sipping my coffee and munching on homemade banana bread, with a fire going in the fireplace. It seems the best way to ring in winter. G’s first winter.

Christmas is less than three weeks away. Our tree is up but STILL not decorated. Yesterday was going to be The Day (after talking about it since the day after Thanksgiving) but we made the mistake of watching one of those home improvement shows in the morning. We’ve been sick of our cramped living room set up, and we want it nicer in here for when G becomes mobile. So we spent yesterday shopping, putting up new window treatments, getting rid of our couch, etc. We still have a lot to do today but we’re already pleased with the results. I wish I had taken “before” pictures. The tree WILL get decorated today.


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