Pardon my French…

November 29, 2010

…but this is un-fucking-believable.

TSA Targets Breastfeeding Mother

Really? Breastmilk should be clear? If it was breastmilk then surely the baby would be with her?

Time for the TSA workers to brush up on their own damn rules. And maybe add a Breastfeeding 101 course for the jackasses who are this clueless. (I understand many people don’t understand or care about breastfeeding, but if this is one of the very few exceptions to their very strict and common rule of 1.5 ounces… shouldn’t they understand these things a little bit?)

You know, it’s no wonder so many women don’t breastfeed. People everywhere seem to make it difficult. If it can be hard to find support within your own family (or from your own hospital, as they hand out “breastfeeding” gifts full of formula samples), you’re surely not going to find it many other places.

Shame on you, TSA.


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