November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

Last year on Thanksgiving, I knew I was pregnant but we hadn’t shared it with anyone yet. Well, other than my best friend (since first grade), who I told before my husband even knew… he was out of town and I had to tell SOMEONE about it.

I was battling my “morning” sickness and trying to play off the fact that I wasn’t drinking, even though I was quite the social drinker and had at least a few glasses of wine or a couple cocktails at any family gathering.

We told people about two weeks later, after my first doctor appointment. But boy was that a tough Thanksgiving! I had so much to be thankful for but I hate hiding things.

We had a wonderful first REAL Thanksgiving with G today.

Hanging out with Grandma… his shirt says, “My Grandma Makes the Best Turkey” 🙂

I love my family. I am really lucky. My husband is actually still hanging out with my family… he’s staying up with them for awhile, playing cards and having a good time, before he braves the crowds with my aunt at 3am (is he freaking crazy?! lol).

I, on the other hand, opted to stay up late and take advantage of some of the internet sales going on, starting at midnight. While watching Roseanne. J gave me the go-ahead to order some cloth diapering stuff that I wanted for G. Not that we really need anything else, but I find it fun and we’re still saving money by not buying all those disposables each month… anything that makes changing diapers more fun should definitely be encouraged. Right? Right.

Anyhow, I scored some great deals and I’m hoping I get some of the free diapers or diapering accessories that are being given away. I already know I have a few free things coming to me, the rest is the luck of the draw. I’m currently waiting for the Rockin’ Green website to come back up… I guess a LOT of other eager CDers wanted to take advantage of their sale, too. I love their detergent (a review and giveaway will be coming up in the near future) and am excited to stock up on it for a great price.

I used to get this excited over sales on designer bags. What happened? If you had told me a couple of years ago that I’d be stalking cloth diaper sales and trying to buy diaper detergent at 2am on Black (or “Green”) Friday, I’d have said you were nuts! 😉


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