Cold, peaceful morning

November 19, 2010

I swear, some days I wake up and G just seems older. Like he went to sleep and transformed overnight.

Today is one of those days.

Also, the best possible equation for the start of a good day:

(giggling baby + yummy coffee + snoozing dogs + fire place)(love)

On a very random note… last night I was getting G ready for bed and The Apprentice came on (yes, he’s still a night owl, but it’s getting better!). Anyhow, during the opening credits he started watching the television and would smile each time one of the contestants was shown (they show a close-up of their smiling face). Then he started squealing at them. Oh boy… it was super cute to watch him “interact” with them but I don’t like that he’s already trying to watch TV! So now it’s time to keep our own television-watching in check and keep it on much less, since he now is starting to understand what’s on there (that those are people on there, that it’s not just some random bright & shiny object).

I much prefer that he talk to/smile at his toys, like he is doing right now with Sophie the Giraffe.


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