Much Needed

November 18, 2010

My husband, J, worked from home today. He’s been working crazy hours ever since G was born, and today is the first time he’s had an at-home office day in about a month or so. He doesn’t get to see much of what I deal with on a daily basis, or on a typical weekday, as far as how much work a baby this age can be.

Anyhow, G loves to fight sleep. This means dealing with an Overly Tired Baby sometimes. Sometimes that baby is hungry but fusses and strains too much to eat, so then I get an Overly Hungry Overly Tired Baby. I can’t complain too much; he’s still one of the most laid-back babies I’ve ever encountered.

So this afternoon was one of those times where I was dealing with an Overly Hungry Overly Tired Baby. He had a minor meltdown and was crying and I struggled to console him and help him relax enough to nurse and sleep. One of my strengths as a mother is patience; I can keep my cool with G even when we’re both stressed and tired (I wish I could say I have the same patience with my husband!).

J looked at me while I worked my mommy “magic” with G, and teared up. He smiled and told me, “I’m glad you’re his mother.”


In other news, a certain little boy turned four months old yesterday… on the one year anniversary of my positive home pregnancy test. But that’s a post for another day.

Getting way too big!

G also started giggling a few days ago. It is the best sound I’ve ever heard in my life. He is still selective with it, and guards those giggles tightly for only the BEST tickles. But I would stand on my head and sing a Justin Bieber song in a kilt and goggles if it would make him laugh.


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