Sleeping babies, and not.

November 13, 2010

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Thank you!

The emphasis on getting babies to be on an adult schedule–practically from birth–baffles me.

One of the first questions I get asked by so many people is how my son is sleeping. “Is he sleeping through the night?” This began almost immediately after he was born. I get concerned looks and frowns and “it’ll get better”s when I say that G still wakes up to nurse a few times. People are much less impressed when I say, “G did a six hour stretch of sleep last night!” than I am.

G doesn’t wake up because he’s bad or there’s something wrong with him. He wakes up because he needs to. Because he’s a hungry, growing baby. And now he easily goes back to sleep from the comfort he gets from his mother’s breast, the warm touch of my hand over his belly, or of my fingers across his brow.

So yes, I blow off those people who think I’m doing something wrong, or who think my son is sleeping poorly. He has made HUGE strides in his sleep patterns and I am damn proud of the way he sleeps. And I am proud of myself, too… I have listened to my own instincts as his mother to do what is best. I am helping him learn how to sleep. And if that involves co-sleeping and nursing him to sleep (more than once) then so be it.

I *dare* you to look at this face and tell me I’m not doing it the “right” way.


2 Responses to “Sleeping babies, and not.”

  1. One thing I never get is why people call babies “such a good baby” when referring to their sleep or eating. So if they don’t latch properly/don’t react well to milk/wake perodically they are bad? I think people are stupid.

    • I agree.

      I have actually caught myself saying that G is a “good baby,” because he’s been so easy overall. But I always think, ‘Well, it’s not like he’s being bad when he won’t sleep or when he fusses.’ Duh, he’s being a baby. They’re all good! So now I try to say easy or mellow, not good… because some babies are FAR from easy or mellow, haha.

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