Fall is already coming to an end

October 21, 2010

Well, at least the pretty, nice part of fall:

The cold, crappy part of fall can bite me. (And see? He’s flippin’ the bird? He’s letting Old Man Winter know what he thinks of him, too!)

Our first “snow” happened today. Luckily, Little Guy and I slept through it. Nothing stuck around or anything, and I only heard about it via some facebook complaining (and hey, I admit, if I’d been awake for it I would have been on there complaining, too).

But seriously? I am not ready for winter! It’s so LONG when you live up north. And cold. And snowy. And yuck.

At least this winter Little Guy won’t be disappointed if I want to stay inside and cuddle by the fireplace? At least he won’t be walking yet. And that’s how we spent most of last winter (though I was nauseous for most of it, and he was still en utero).

We are getting professional photos taken tomorrow (and thank goodness it’s not supposed to rain… partly cloudy and a high of 57, I’ll take it). Big Guy and I decided we’d like to get pictures taken every fall. It’s a special time of year for us. I just can’t fathom how different Little Guy is going to be next year at this time! *tear*

Big Guy is at the store, getting food for us to grill out. Probably our last time doing that this year. Next week is all cold and rainy. *another tear*


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