3 months & co-sleeping

October 17, 2010

Little Guy is 3 months old today. I can’t believe it. I get teary whenever I write his monthly journal entries (I have a Moleskine journal that I’m keeping for him, with monthly “letters”) and basically whenever I think about how big he’s getting, and how fast.

He’s amazing. I’m so lucky. I will leave it at that and keep those tears to myself. Being a mother is overwhelming in so many ways.

In other news, tomorrow we are side-carring his crib next to our bed so we can continue co-sleeping with him. He has outgrown his bassinet (Pack ‘n Play) but now is definitely not the time to put him in his room, alone. I like having him in bed with us but not full-time (both my men seem to be bed hogs! haha). I wish we had done this from the beginning (instead of the Pack ‘n Play), it would have been so much easier to reach for him for those nightly feedings! Live and learn, I suppose. That’s what the first child is for, right?

Anyhow, my husband and I discussed it all today and he is definitely on board now. He actually took ZERO convincing and said he likes having him right with us, which makes me so happy. Tomorrow we’re taking the front rail off of the crib and moving it on in. I’m excited! Is that dorky?

I’m also excited that we’ll have the Pack ‘n Play/changing station downstairs. I need a safe place I can set him down and a place to stick some diapering supplies on the main floor (other than the coffee table).


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