The little luxuries in life

October 13, 2010

I have found that certain things that I used to take for granted are now simple luxuries as the mother of a baby.

* drinking my coffee while it’s still hot (and without microwaving it six times)
* hopping in my car and going somewhere without spending a good half hour preparing for it
* long, hot showers (bonus if I can shave and apply lotion)
* taking my time while I pee (when did that become a race?)
* sleep
* eating a meal at the same time my husband does

I’m not sure how, but Little Guy has a special sense that allows him to know exactly when I’m trying to eat or have my coffee. He can be sound asleep, but once I have a fork or mug in hand, he magically wakes up and needs attention omgrightnow.

But I’m pretty sure he needs to brush up on those skills because I am drinking my second cup of coffee while it is still hot!


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