The right to be worn

October 5, 2010

I am a babywearer.

My son loves to be worn. I started very early on (during his first week of life) and there is nothing better than walking around with him snuggled up to me. He is calm and happy (and usually sleepy) while we shop, go for walks, go out to dinner, put away laundry, etc. And you know something? I am calm and happy, too. I cherish those extra snuggles. Life goes by fast and the world moves quickly. The more bonding and cuddling I get with my child, the better.

I use our stroller occasionally, depending on the circumstances, and he seems to enjoy the occasional change-up. But nothing beats being snuggled up to his mama… where he belongs.

Here we are when he was 7 weeks old, tucked safely in his Moby Wrap:

Now, at 11 weeks, we both prefer the mei tai, and occasionally I use a Hotsling. I asked for an Ergo for Christmas. Yes, for myself, because that is how important babywearing is to me.

Don’t be scared about babywearing or recalls. Educate yourself on correct babywearing practices. Let’s keep our babies close.

Check out the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance’s facebook page and check out this post from Adventures in Babywearing.


5 Responses to “The right to be worn”

  1. They are the best gifts! 🙂


  2. Helen said

    Have you tried Beco Baby carriers?! I love mine so much.
    And it’s so true, what you have written…wearing your baby makes life so much simpler, calmer…grocery shopping is a breeze…

    • Do you have the Beco Butterfly II? I was set on getting the Ergo, but one of my friends tried out both and said she prefers the Beco. So now I need to do more research.

      And yup, it’s so much calmer and more peaceful to shop and run errands when you’re wearing your baby! It’s easier to calm them down when they’re cuddled up to you, and mine sleeps so much more than if he’s in his stroller or car seat.

      • Helen said

        I have a Beco Butterfly but the infant insert is not removable. I actually got this one on ebay, could not tell it had ever been used, for $60.
        Before that I used my Yamo daily but now my sil is using it.

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