Cloth diaper brand names

October 1, 2010

So my husband always gets a kick out of the names of different cloth diaper brands. The first brand I bought, FuzziBunz, got a good laugh out of him. He didn’t want me to get any other type. “FuzziBunz,” he’d say once in awhile, with a laugh.

He just noticed the Econobum cover in my overflowing wet bag (yes, it’s time to do some diaper laundry, but Little Guy is snoozing on me and I don’t feel like disturbing him). Anyhow, I explained the concept of the Econobum system to him, and he responded with, “Ha! I get [the name]. Because it’s cheap. And it goes on his bum.”

Then he tells me that he could come up with a better name than any of the current brands. I urge him to give it a go.

Me: “Okay, then what would you name them?”
Him: *pause* “Good… Cloth… Diapers.”
Me: “Good Cloth Diapers? Really?”
Him: “Yeah.”
Me: “Okay then. Time to get a patent on that one.”


6 Responses to “Cloth diaper brand names”

  1. Loved hearing from you…& FB do have the cutest name. 😉

  2. What are your favorite cloth diapers? What are the easiest for you to use? Have you used the all-in-ones?

    • Right now I am loving prefolds with covers! I was scared to use them at first but I gave it a try and they work so well! I like the Thirsties Duo, Flip, and Econobum covers best so far, and Diaper Rite, Econobum, and Megaroo’s prefolds.

      I haven’t tried any AIOs, but I’ve heard great things about the bumGenius Elementals. My stash mostly consists of one-size pockets (bumGenius 4.0s are probably my favorite, but FuzziBunz are nice, too).

      Are you considering cloth diapering? Let me know if you have ANY questions about it… I’m surprised how much I have come to enjoy it! 🙂

      • yeah we are thinking of cloth diapering. basically, if it can be done easily enough to convince my hubby but he pretty much lets me make all major decisions since he says you are the expert!! i have been looking at AIOs because they seem much like a regular diaper without much extra work. i have been checking out various sites and i think i am going to start buying soon when i see some on sale. im scareda bout sizing as well because my husbands family always has freaking huge babies. (he was 11 pounds 3 ounces) and his nephew was 9 pounds and grew soo fast that im like umm how many newborns should i even bother with.

    • Oh, and my advice would be to get a few different types to try out before settling on just one. You can do “test drives” from certain websites (I think Diaper Junction allows it? Otherwise check out Kelly’s Closet).

      And remember that newborns are tougher to cloth diaper, but within a few weeks they’ll start to grow into the diaper more. If I could go back, I would have gotten newborn prefolds and a few newborn covers to start out in, then used my one-size diapers after a month or two.

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