Co-sleeping experiences?

September 30, 2010

Wanna share your co-sleeping/bed-sharing experiences with me? Spam me with stories, tips, articles, research, etc.


7 Responses to “Co-sleeping experiences?”

  1. Olivia said

    Hi, just found your blog, and thought I’d share my bedsharing experience.

    My daughter was born 18 months ago, and we have been sleeping together since day one. For the first 10 months or so, I had a bed rail on my side so help me feel secure that she couldn’t roll out of bed. When she started rolling, we put our mattress on the floor (now it’s back on the boxspring because she can get in and out).

    Bedsharing has been the most wonderful experience for me. It made breastfeeding easier because all I have to do is lay there. She never fully wakes up and cries. I wake up when she starts rooting, latch her on and we both go back to sleep. I am able to relax knowing she is warm and breathing soundly.

    For more information about safety try going to PhDinParenting or HoboMama. They both have great info on how to do it safely and how to breastfeed while laying down.

    • Thank you so much for sharing!

      I love co-sleeping with my son. He spends the first chunk of the night sleeping next to our bed, then when he wakes up to nurse I take him into bed with us. I agree with you… when he wakes up a second time it’s so easy to nurse him and he goes right back to sleep when he’s in our bed (when I put him in the Pack ‘n Play I have to rock him and make sure he’s completely 100% asleep before he goes in there, otherwise he fusses and wakes himself up completely). He’s learning how to fall asleep on his own this way.

      I wish my husband was more on-board, though. He likes the morning cuddles but asks about when we’ll start using the crib (in our son’s room) and bring the Pack ‘n Play downstairs.

  2. Helen said

    We don’t own a crib and that is very much by choice.
    Ella (3) is still in our bedroom but in her own bed across the room. Pretty much every night she crawls into bed with us. Violet, of course is in our bed.
    Time goes fast and these moments of sharing sleep with them are ones I’ll hold on to forever.

    • “Time goes fast and these moments of sharing sleep with them are ones I’ll hold on to forever.”

      That’s what I figure, too. And my mommy instincts tell me to keep him close, especially right now. I’ll follow his signals and adapt according to what I think is best for both of us. J will just have to deal with it, as bad as that sounds (though I must say he’s been very supportive of everything I’ve wanted to do, and doesn’t really push the co-sleeping issue… I know if I really took the time to explain it he’d understand more).

  3. Helen said

    And to add, you mentioned J was not completely on board but omfg the night nursing, woman! How will you ever get a nights sleep if you are up and down all night to nurse?
    Just my $.02

    • Yeah, I hear you! It was really hard at first, even with him right by our bed. Now it’s a lot better because my son is sleeping for a 4-5 hour stretch (which is awesome) but bringing him into bed helps me get a few more hours after that, when he wants to nurse more frequently.

      When my husband can start nursing him, then maybe he can make more of these decisions? lol

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