Cloth wipes – easier than you think!

September 29, 2010

I know what you may be thinking… cloth wipes? Really? Cloth diapers aren’t enough?

Hear me out.

When Little Guy was born, I had a very small collection of cloth wipes that I purchased when I bought my FuzziBunz cloth diapers. I figured that I would use them occasionally, but would mostly use disposable wipes. I’d get the scent-free kind, and the amount of trash generated would be pretty negligible. Hey, I was saving Mother Earth by using cloth diapers, remember? No need to go overboard.

Well, my son has a pretty sensitive tush. Even the fragrance-free wipes seemed to irritate his skin. But I made another realization: it’s EASIER to use cloth wipes when you’re cloth diapering. And they work better.

You see, if you use a cloth diaper with a disposable wipe, the diaper has to go one way (into the wet bag/diaper pail) while the wipe has to go another (into the trash). And, if you’re not changing your baby right next to a garbage can, where do you stick the dirty wipe if you’re not rolling it up into the dirty diaper and tossing it all?

When I use a cloth wipe, it goes right into the dirty cloth diaper and it allllllll goes into the wet bag. They can be laundered together, so there’s no extra step there. And it takes fewer cloth wipes to clean up a mess (at least for me). I only use one or two cloth wipes, even for a poopy mess. I always used way more disposable wipes than that if I was dealing with a mess.

The type of wipe you use will be up to you. I’ve tried a few brands out and my favorites are the Thirsties Fab Wipes and the Kissaluvs Organic Cotton Wipes. These are a bit on the pricey side, but they both work great. I also have some Grovia wipes that I like a lot, but I’m not sure how well they will hold up (the thread on the edges have come loose on some of them, and they are a bit pilly in spots). I also have some cheaper flannel wipes and some homemade wipes that my super sweet neighbor made for me out of t-shirt material. Check around on the internet; you can make your own out of receiving blankets, or buy some really nice wipes that are handmade, many by SAHMs. Look on Etsy! That’s where I’m getting my next set.

edit 10/16/10: Check out the wipes from Megaroo’s, they are awesome! So are her extended tab prefolds. Also, I’m liking the GroVia wipes less and less over time.

Now, if you use cloth wipes you do need to use some sort of wipe solution in order to get them wet. You can use plain water, add your own stuff to plain water, or purchase solution-additives or ready-made solutions. You can keep your cloths pre-moistened, or you can wet them as you use them. These are choices you’ll have to make for yourself. There are many solution recipes out there, so search around if you’re interested in going this route (and to see what issues you may encounter and which ingredients may help with certain issues, such as yeast).

Me, personally? I choose to make my own solution and keep the wipes dry until use, and I use a spray bottle to wet them (the exception being when we’re out and about, then I use a small squirt bottle with plain water and keep a handful of wipes in a makeup bag). For my wipe solution, I use mostly tap water with a tiny drizzle of olive oil and a splash of witch hazel (or a couple drops of tea tree oil). Yeah yeah yeah, what an exact science. I occasionally use plain water, too.

edit 10/16/10: I just tried the Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion and it’s great. I think I’m going to snag a spray bottle for the diaper bag and get some of the concentrate next time I place a diaper order. But my homemade spray is still good! It’s nice to have a bottle upstairs AND down.

I store my wipes in a disposable wipes container. I keep one container upstairs and one downstairs. Check out this wonderful video to see how to fold the wipes so they pop up like disposable wipes.

That’s about it! At diaper change time I just spray the wipes as needed (after giving the bottle a good swish so the ingredients aren’t separated), and put the soiled wipes into his dirty diapers and it all goes into the laundry together. Simple, effective, and easier on Little Guy’s bottom (and my wallet).

Bonus: cloth wipes are great to have on hand for other messes, too. Like drool, spit up, leaky breast milk, etc. I’m constantly reaching for them!


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