Got my merit badge…

September 22, 2010

…in “Damn this Motherhood Thing is Tough Sometimes.”

But! We survived Little Guy’s first vaccinations.

It was terrible. Awful. Watching him go from his calm, happy self to a red-faced screaming baby with omg real tears… yeah, not cool. I cried. Once he could focus enough to latch on, however, he nursed himself back into his usual mellow state and even gave me smiles. He was sleeping in his car seat before we even left the doctor’s office.

Here he is shortly afterward, safe at home in his jammies and his Sleep Sheep and his snuggly blanket.

(Isn’t his “laundry basket” cool? It’s behind him in this picture, full of clean cloth diapers waiting to be assembled and put away.)

He had some pretty cranky, fussy moments last night but is feeling MUCH better today. We spent this beautiful Fall day at the bakery, food co-op, Target, and then out for Chinese for a family birthday.

Tonight? Back to establishing that whole bedtime/sleeping at night thing. It will be great when he finally realizes that it’s okay to go to sleep before 1am.


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