The Diaper Bag

September 20, 2010

I am a new mom, so I am still figuring out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to leaving the house with Little Guy.

We cloth diaper (and use cloth wipes), which adds an additional element to things. Fortunately, I’ve found cloth diapering on-the-go to be very very easy, if a tad bulkier.

I have this Eddie Bauer car organizer, which makes it easier to leave the house hands-free without panicking. I keep a few spare items in there just in case, which means I can run out for a quick coffee with a friend without hauling everything with me when I’m not expecting to need to change him. I also have the option of using a smaller tote bag when we go somewhere briefly and only need a couple things on hand. I adjust what I carry each day in regard to my mood and the situation. I was always a “moody” handbag carrier… I could never go more than a few days without switching things up. Which is part of the reason why our closet has an entire section devoted to my purse collection. Can you see my husband rolling his eyes yet?

Anyhow. Of course, we have one main diaper bag. It’s a Coach “baby bag” that I love. I snagged it on sale at an outlet, and it’s gender neutral enough that my husband doesn’t feel silly carrying it. I wanted something with lots of pockets and practical enough while also being stylish. I was a designer bag gal prior to baby, and darn it I didn’t want to let that part of me go!

I try to pack light. I don’t keep it stocked with diapers, but rather add those before I leave the house (based on what we’re doing and how long we’ll be gone). I have a “mommy section” that I can easily throw my wallet, lip stuff, phone, planner, etc. into, and this way it’s a) easy to find; and b) easy to take out and stuff into a real purse on the rare occasion I leave the house without Little Guy. I can put a water bottle in one of the side pockets, too, which is nice. The other side pocket is for my keys, so I’m not digging around trying to find them while balancing a baby and shopping bags and whatnot.

Here’s the bag and what’s currently in it. Funny to see a diaper bag without any diapers, but again I just toss what I need in there before we go.

Wet bag (I keep it in the back pocket), and a tote bag and sling (front pocket), and my personal stuff (minus my phone). In the main area/pockets: disposable wipes (which I mainly use for my own hands), a case with dry cloth wipes, a squirt bottle (water for the wipes), hand sanitizer, Kleenex, toys, spare outfit and hat, burp cloth, and receiving blanket (for diaper changes; I found the pad bulky and unnecessary so I use it at home instead).

So… what’s your system? What do you carry? Got a favorite diaper bag? See anything I’m missing or want to help a new mom out by helping her adjust her system? So far this is working for the newborn stage, but it’s only been 2 months and we have a long ways (and many places) to go.


6 Responses to “The Diaper Bag”

  1. mamalooma said

    I use a backpack! I don’t always bring cloth with me anymore. My backpack is actually a kid’s version (so, smaller) and I find I actually am more organized with not much with me. Greta’s not much of a burp-up-er though so I don’t have to bring as many changes of clothes or burpcloths like I did with Finn. It also helps that F is long out of diapers (as of April/May –hooray!) so I only have to carry 1 kid’s stuff (for the most part).

    • mamalooma said

      So what I typically have is:
      onesie and maybe pants or tights for G
      keys, wallet, phone
      granola bar or something similar
      2 landfill diapers (I have a few in the car glove box)
      maybe 1 cloth diaper
      package of wet wipes (target or 7th gen)

      • mamalooma said

        Ahh! I hit return too fast.

        Also maybe a toy for G, and a thin changing pad from an old diaper bag. Although both tend to disappear from the bag on a regular basis. I changed G on a coffee shop floor’s rug today.

      • I’m finding that I usually only bring the diaper bag out when I’ll be gone for several hours, or going to visit someone at their house or something. It often just stays in the car, but I really do like it for when we’re gone for the day.

        I got a little backpack diaper bag for free from the hospital (well, I think it was actually from a formula company, grrr). I totally forgot about it! I’ll have to give it a go on some of our lighter days when we’re walking around and want to be hands free.

        Oh, and you should know you’re my first commenter. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just getting this blog going.

  2. mamalooma said

    Your first 3-time commenter! Ha! Too long winded, no matter where I go.

    The hands free aspect is what I love most. Having a diaper bag bouncing/sliding down my arm got old fast. And now with the 2 of them I need as much movement as possible. Although now I’m putting G on my back more – so Hmmmm…
    I just got F a backpack from Target – all the school supplies are on clearance. It’s a cute Paul Frank one that I got for $2.73. Most of the younger-kid backpacks are great for diaper stuff. Not so huge that you lose stuff or over-fill it with junk, but large enough to fit a couple AIO/pockets and whatever else you need.

    I love that you are blogging! I’d love to link to you – are you somethingsometime or up north writer mama?

    • Ooh, I’ll check out the backpacks when I make my usual weekend Target trip. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I still need to look at the one I have to see how it looks.

      And that would be awesome! I’d go with “The Up North Writer Mama” – somethingsometime is just the wordpress addres. Thanks! I’ll link to you as well.

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