Three positive home pregnancy tests later…

November 20, 2009

…and I’m pretty sure that’s a good sign that I’m pregnant. That and the sore boobs, occasional nausea, and the fact that my period is more than a little late. Yup, definitely knocked up.

I’m still reeling from it all, but it is AMAZING and EXCITING. I can’t focus on work at all, which sucks when you’re a freelance writer. No writing = no money. That is not ideal when you will be having a child (or when you have a mortgage). I should be writing MORE and BETTER to make extra money right now, but I figure I should get at least a few days to let it all sink in, right? Right.

I’m on the right track, though. I’m eating healthy and avoiding all the crap that I should be (except coffee–I am cutting back to one cup a day, and even bought half-decaf, but I will have my coffee dammit!). I have my first prenatal appointment scheduled, and started taking prenatal vitamins. I made the mistake assuming “take with food” meant I could take them with a snack. Nope. A full meal is necessary, or I might find myself sprinting to the sink to throw up. Just saying, not that it happened that way or anything.

I should really get back to writing now. But it is so much more fun to read pregnancy blogs and look at crib bedding and research baby books and read about what my future-baby is doing right now…


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